Gourmet Boutique

We are proud that since 2014, with the starting of Gourmet Boutique idea, Our idea of creating Gourmet Boutique was to create a company to offer the gourmets from all over the world in Taiwan, ingredients that is unique & exotic, unrivaled and choosing it from the best region of the world for any kind of gourmets, it is our mission to think and create Bringing Gourmet Boutique and today we proudly announce that we are one of the most reputable importers and providers of gourmet in Taiwan, acting as the exclusive representative of world-renowned brands in Taiwan.

Our mission is clear from our company name:

Gourmet: The best & exotic ingredient

Boutique: Selector of the best

So, we are Selector of the best food from around the world

We searched 194 countries in the world and gathered the best ingredients brands in the world under on roof

About us

Witch Gourmet Boutique, you just need close your eyes and taste the real feeling of nature and high-end ingredients from around the world with your tongue.

MIROOD CAVIAR from Iran, BOTTARGA BOREALIS from Norway, POLANCO Caviar from Uruguay and ANTONIUS Caviar from Poland now is Gourmet Boutique.