1Are you a manufacturing company?
No, we are an importer & gourmet selector.
2Why is there a boutique in your name?
Because the boutique is a small luxury store that gathers the best from all over the world for customers and presents to them. This is our mission in the field of high-end ingredients industry. We test, select and import the best from all over the world. We do and present to our customers.
3Do you ship to other countries?
It depends on that country, if the laws of the Ministry of Health allow it, we will send it to that country, with the cool box, ice and luxurious packaging that we offer to our customers at Taiwan headquarters and you can check in ours web. So, you can contact us and update us your country so we can let you know.
4Are you the exclusive representative of all the products on your web site?
5Can we come to your office and shop?
Yes, our address is available in the Contact Us section.
6Can we represent your brand as an agent in other cities of Taiwan?
Yes, depending on the circumstances, if our marketing team approves you.
7Can we represent your brand as an agent in other countries?
Yes, depending on the circumstances if our marketing team approves you & if our suppliers approve that country.
8What are the conditions of representation?
You should contact us to discuss it in bilateral negotiations.
9Do you do private labels with our brand?
No, we only offer our own brands without any changes.
10How many days does it take for the product to reach us after ordering?
It depends on the country, city and conditions of Covid-19, when you finalize your order, we will update you at that moment.
11In which cities or countries do you have a representative?
Currently just Taipei-Taiwan, in the future if our list changes we will update about it in this section.
12Sample question
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